Blonde Comet is an independent sales rep group based in Minnesota and headquartered at the Minneapolis Gift Mart. After many years of work in retail management, company sales representation and buying I started my own agency and I established Blonde Comet in 2001. My mission is to jump out of bed every morning and show the world I represent wholesale products that consistently reflect the best in quality, presentation, taste, and potential.


I believe in the value of relationships with both my vendors and retail buyer partners. Having worked on "both sides of the fence" I've gained a valuable perspective that guides me in building and enhancing these relationships. As a selling principal rep, my and my team's approach is hands-on with a commitment to high-level customer service, in-store support, integrity, urgency, and honesty with our customers. 

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Fashion-forward clothing that fits most body types, fashion jewelry collections and customizable programs like Ginger Snaps, Petite Ginger Snaps, and Miasol. Now featuring OMG Jeans. 


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