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Beauty &
Self Care

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The leader in essential oils, aromatherapy, 100% pure products include oils, inhalers, body lotion, hand wash, portable rollerball fragrances etc.


A pioneer and benchmark brand for beauty tools. Tweezerman’s signature tweezers are perfectly aligned and can be sharpened for free by Tweezerman.

Mason Pearson

The maker of the original handmade boar-bristle hairbrush.

I Love My Muff

I Love My Muff pH balanced, plant based, feminine care products are created to be used as part of your daily intimate self care routine. Suitable for all skin types.

Fish Bellies

​Fishbellies fish-shaped, microwavable corn bags are made with 100% Cotton colorful fabrics and filled with extra clean corn. Corn has a larger surface area to hold the heat longer. Handmade in Maine, these stylish and functional corn bags can be stored in the freezer and used as a cold pack or microwaved and used as a cute heating pad. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns to find the perfect get-well gift, or order a colorful fishbellie that matches your personality!

Baby Foot
Baby Foot
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Booties filled with natural extracts that moisturize feet and remove dead skin cells from feet, pain-free. Foot masks continue moisturization after a peel.   

Beauty Solutions

Quality skin care and treatment products. Makers of the iconic Mood Matcher color-changing lipstick.

Beauty Solutions

Makers of Japan's #1 selling skin cream. Provides skin and lip therapy. Hung around the neck of Sumiyo Tsuzuki, the first Japanese women to climb Tibet's side of Mt. Everest.  

Dew Puff

Sponge formed of 100% natural konjac root. Facial cleansing provided without tearing the skin.  

Harry Koenig

Personal care products, bath & spa accessories.

Make Up Eraser
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Add a little water and wash the day or night away without the need for wipes.

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Beauty & body products that set you up to score. No shower required razors. Portable solutions for make-up, armpit hair, sweaty workouts/nights, and spots.

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